Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It’s Been a Long Time.

I said I was the world’s best procrastinator. But still. This has been long, even for me.

It's been one of those times where things just kept getting dumped on me and I have been trudging along, barely. The only constant positive has been my husband, who I now know is a saint not only for putting up with me, but also for being the sweetest most supportive man ever. I certainly have not been easy to live with. Between toothaches, root canals, hardships at work, and now bronchitis, I haven’t been myself.

How could I?

For a while here I had lost my focus. I had lost my drive to actively pursue my acting and modeling craft at all times, which is a key factor in cultivating its growth. It is a business and I have let it go stagnant, a fact I am not proud to admit.

They say as destructive as a forest fire is, it is nature's way of rebirth, rebuilding and starting anew.

I am taking this as my opportunity to do just that.

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