Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hanging Up

My husband likes to say "comedy = tragedy + time" and as you can clearly see by the last blog, I've been weighted down with one thing or another. I am almost to the point where I can chuckle at my tribulations. I mean, honestly. My dentist visits had me sobbing in pain the first trip and then on the second, due to the many instruments, I vomited, twice. Yes, I said vomit and yes, I did it twice in one visit. Did I mention my dentist is quite handsome? Even my husband knows I have a crush on him. But I digress. I went right from dentist drama to bronchitis. If one thing wasn’t stopping me, apparently I was going for another.

Fortunately, for everyone, I am on the mend.

About 2 weeks ago, after a long thankless night of bar tending, to a very strange crowd, I might add, I locked my car and looked up into the clear night sky and saw millions of amazing stars.

I said, out loud:

"Whoever is in charge, please help light my light again. Please help me find my star and show me where to go. If I need to give up my dream, I will, it would just be really nice to know. Thank you. Oh and I love my husband, my mom, my dog and even my cats. Ok bye."

The following afternoon a casting comes across my lap: plus size model needed.

I submit my information and feel confident for the booking. The next morning I get a call, it's not decided yet, but the producer is to call me back if they want me.

Over coffee, Craig says to me, "now plays the waiting game," oh so very true.

I thought for sure by 2 pm I would have the call. Ok, by 3pm. I often feel like I hit this part of the game in this business, I spark an interest but never quite snag it.

All right, if I don't hear from him by 5 pm then I know, it wasn't for me.

5:15 pm I get the call and I have booked the job!


The following week, I was shooting a segment for The Rachael Ray Show! I worked with Ashley Falcon who is a plus size fashionista blogger from Marie Claire Magazine. And let me just say that my rack of clothes were right across from Heidi Klum’s. Oh, and Nina Garcia was diligently working throughout the office where we were shooting. I learned I could rock a “skinny” jean, and an I.N.C. sweater dress is on my Christmas list. It was a great two days to be doing what I love.

There was one point while shooting, where I started to worry. No one had said I was doing a great job. No one had said I was doing terribly, either. In the olden days of Bekah, at this point, I would have been my own worst enemy, crumbled to the ground and bombed the whole audition or job. The inner best friend came out, I took a deep breath, and reminded myself, “if you’re doing it all wrong, they’ll tell you, if you’re doing it right, they’ll keep moving forward,” which is exactly what we did.

I will, of course, post show times and channels of the segment.

Guess this dream isn’t getting hung up, just yet.

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