Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lip Service

I am very excited.

SKORCH magazine, which caters exclusively to size 12 and above, is coming back — in print!!! Available exclusively online before taking a year hiatus, the team announced that the publication of their first issue will be in time for The Holidays. Perfect timing for me! Leafing through pages of fashion at my fingertips is so much more fulfilling than scrolling online, not only because I always have so many tabs open and I get sidetracked easily, but also because there is something comforting about holding the printed page in my hand. What is even more exciting is that this magazine might be The One.

We are all aware of how most women’s magazines are filled with skinny, size 0 models — the covers, articles, editorials, and even the ads about shampoo! It is just a fact. So all of us who are not so emaciated feel left out and out of place as we read. If we started talking about TV and film media, I could go on for hours.

SKORCH on the other hand will be that magazine for us. Fashion for us! Articles for us! It will be as if we were leafing through Glamour, but without the hullabaloo of how it is such a big stinking deal that there is ONE size 14 model featured in it. I almost want to write,

“Dear Glamour,
Just because you have one plus sized model in your magazine doesn’t mean you’re full-figure friendly. I’d rather read about fashions for all sizes than fashions for small sizes. But since you have made it abundantly clear that you will only pay lip service, I will proudly take a magazine geared only to full figured women and leave yours at the newsstand.”

Look for it in December.


  1. Hey Bekah, have you been over to lately?

    I doubt you are old enough to remember MODE, and you can't hold it in your hands, but you'll be able to see what the fuss was about.... :)

    Cheers and all the best for the holiday!

  2. thanks for the heads up, Pippa. I look forward to reading. : )

    happy happy new year!