Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Modelquin Behaviour

So, is anyone else just plain disturbed by this re-occurring Old Navy campaign? I thought it would go away after such a negative response and I understand models are expensive, but to center multiple season campaign on Super Modelquins, who talk, nonetheless, is too absurd for me. They even have a story line for the dummies, and use phrases such as “bodacious booties.” Really!? It’s a mannequin — one of the illest forms of representation for the human body second, perhaps, only to Barbie. “Uh, You don’t have a bum, let alone a bootie, and I’d rather not waste my time or money at a place that obviously is not interested in my beautiful curves.”

Speaking of not wasting my time and money on a product not fit for me, let’s discuss my dear friend, who is in a wedding and purchased a $296.00 Jim Hjelm dress. It doesn’t fit. Not because she is deformed. Oh, heavens no! These designers and production teams do not take the time to properly fit the average woman with curves. The fact that the material will lay differently seems not even to be an afterthought. Oh wait, yes, the afterthought lies in the fact that if one is any size over an 8 she must PAY for extra material to be “added” on the dress. Why, yes, that’s a very nice after thought right in the pockets that profit from the average woman.

So whenever I want to reassure myself that I am a real live model, I click over here

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  1. I totally agree, it's creepy! Stick with the real live pretty models, like YOU!!! :)