Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new home, new beginning

We bought our first home. It’s been such a whirlwind of emotion and excitement. All the days leading up to the final meeting, or “The Closing” were filled with many unknowns, surprises, and setbacks. There were mountains of paperwork and a lot of signatures. I also learned my lesson with shredding documents. Um yeah, don’t shred important bank statements from your previous bank if you are in the process of securing a loan to buy a home. It all sounds so simple. Anyway, I saw the error of my ways and we were able to work our powers of whom we knew and moved through that hurdle only to come into another one. We made it through them all and when the last signature signed and the last hand shaken, Craig and I were official homeowners! Once we were given the golden keys (ok they were silver) we were the happiest couple ever.

On that day, before we drove to the new house, Craig took a small detour, to my work place, of all spots. I was a bit confused. He explained how he had borrowed my boss’s truck and once he opened the garage I could see in the bed of the truck were two beautiful white rocking chairs for our front porch! When he handed me a card, it all sunk in. This was where we had first met. We are married and now, homeowners.

Many friends and family have stopped over to see our progress and our customers at our work places are truly interested in our new venture. We have a back yard with a tree, a line of peonies and rose bushes that line the back and azaleas frame the front. We now take frequent breaks on our porch in the famous white rockers. Craig is in the process of sanding, scraping, caulking, and painting with some electrical work on the side, thanks to our brother-in-law. I am trying my thumbs at some gardening. It’s working out for us. We are both just so excited and cannot wait to move in!


  1. I am loving this last picture with the rocking chairs. Homeownership is a blast. With all this rain, I didn't even need to seed my grass, it sprouted up all by itself. Perennials are the way to go!!! I have sworn off annuals in this down economy ... lol ...

  2. and that picture of you is ridiculously adorable! ;)