Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Surprise Blog"

Ahh… Surprise Day!

It’s one of the best days I ever came up with — not that I’ve come up with that many “days” — and I give myself major props for the idea. But, my work ends there. I have to say my husband Craig has done the best job with executing the concept, each with a fun, new, and exciting surprise.

It all started back in 2005 when our work schedules only gave us one day off together per week. With my modeling, sometimes we wouldn’t even have that. Instead of fighting the system (not that I would know how to do that, anyway ;) I came up with the brilliant idea of having Monday be the day one of us surprises the other with a fun activity to do.

My first go ‘round, I booked us some back-to-back full-body massages. (I must admit though, it really was Craig’s late birthday and Christmas gifts combined, but I do applaud my consolidation skills, and the massages were wonderful.) Craig’s turn and he takes us to Manayunk, near Philly for some used record shopping, a fabulous dinner, and a quiet walk along the river at twilight.

after the massages and before Manayunk, circa 2005

The following week was a little more low-key and he took us to the library, which was a lot more fun that that sounds. My turn, I bombed out by taking us to the car wash… NOT a good surprise day idea. I don’t think we even washed our cars.

So after my failed car wash idea Craig unofficially took over for surprise day, thank goodness. He has arranged a bunch of interesting and amusing plans. The Post Secret exhibit in Reading, PA, was extremely memorable, and just recently he included my Momma and took us to the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, just outside Philadelphia.

The best surprise day ever was the day we got engaged on the beach. He played an impromptu mini-concert on his saxophone with the ring box stashed in the bell of his horn. At the end he pretended like there was something wrong with it and made me look inside to see what it was.

Yeah, pretty amazing!

full story

So here I am getting ready for another surprise day. Turns out it’s on a Tuesday this week.

What shall the day hold for me this time? I am sure it’s something fun, since Craig has his finger on it!

Check back soon for the update!

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